31 March 2012

Perfect Timing for a Fall Picnic

An opportunity to hang out with my good friend/look-a-like*, Nelly, is always a fabulous time. And when we were thinking about what to do on this upcoming Friday, she kindly suggested we do something off ‘my list’.
I scanned through and thought that maybe, just maybe, a picnic was in order.
What was the weather forecast? Who knows.
What would we eat? Unsure.
Where would we go? Not exactly confirmed.
Will we figure all this out and make it awesome. Absobloodylutely.

Friday arrived…the sun was shining…food was purchased…Long Bay was the place to be…and a real picnic basket was available for use.

For starters, we had the classic, and always fabulous, cheeseboard crackers with one fantastic brie.

We liked it so much we both gave it two thumbs up.

I was also able to tick another thing off my list…’buy a non-alcoholic beverage’…and a beautiful discovery was made – Apple and fejoa sparkling. I know. You are welcome.

We then we got stuck into the main course…a concoction of deli delights (3-layer dip, pork rilette, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, gherkin and mozzarella balls) with Turkish Pide and three different kinds of potato and kumara salad all mixed together in glorious confusion.

I tried to take a photo of us with our dinner, but clearly the beverage of choice was starting to take effect…

…thankfully Nelly has a steady hand and the clear knowledge that trying to get the food in said picture was, quite frankly, stupid.
[*lady in video shop told us we looked like sisters…ah yes…it must be because we both…smile?]

The sun then set. The wind picked up. And we headed back to the Mathieson Mansion to make some supper.
NELLY: “Do you know what I’ve figured out about baking? … a little extra butter is never a bad thing”
Too true Nello. Too true.

Alex arrived home just as the lemon cake came out of the oven and the glaze was being put on…
…so we were all able to enjoy just another example of a perfect Edmonds Cookbook recipe, with a cup of tea and with ‘Alex’s catch’ chilling in the kitchen.

With daylight savings now over, I’ve realized how perfectly timed our fall picnic was.
Thanks for a wonderful evening Mrs M.
Let’s do it again some time. 

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