17 April 2012

A couple of ticks with a Melbourne twist

Ok…so there’s been a bit of a slowing down of the ol’ blog posting/list completely in the last two weeks. This is mostly due to the fact that there has been some development in my current work and as it stands I will be in Melbourne for around two months come July/Aug. After this time there is a big black hole of unknown wonder…so for now I will continue to do what I can from my list, but the conclusion of it may not happen within that year specified.

In saying all of that, I have managed to get a couple of things ticked off since last time.
On Friday, myself and a couple of friends from High School went to Ken Yakitori in town…it was pretty cramped but had a cool vibe to the place.  
I need to apologize in advance for the photos…I didn’t turn the flash on, so I’ve just adjusted them as best I could…

First they gave us a free plate of cabbage…Yep.

On the list it said I needed to order the fried squid tentacles. This, not unlike the Takapuna Night Market, did not exist (my suspicions on who wrote this list is growing by the day). So I just got the calamari, as this was going to be as close as I could get.
It was so increibly deep fried you’d think oil was a health food. This, obviously, made it taste delicious. And although slightly too spicy for my taste, I definitely had my fair share + one.

And then these are all the other things we shared…
Broccoli salad…a strange, yet reasonably enjoyable, combination of cold blanched broccoli with a yummy miso mayonnaise dressing.

Bacon wrapped prawn skewers with another mayo type deliciousness.

Potato cakes…these were kinda weird…when you’re expecting a hash brown-like experience, and it turns out to be somewhat dense and in between chewy, stringy and mushy it really blows your mind.

Chicken skewers with ‘plum’ sauce. I say ‘plum’ because I have never in my life seen it look so much like tomato sauce. And let’s just say that it tasted like it belonged to neither the plum or tomato family. However, the chicken was beautifully cooked.

Pork belly and onion skewers…a little bit on the chewy side, but edible nonetheless.

And if that wasn’t enough, we took a stroll to Movenpick for dessert. Oh Carmelita, you get me every time.

And in other list ticking shenanigans…another couple of friends and I went to Little and Friday in Takapuna for a bit of doughnut action. They had previously indulged in a doughnut from here, so opted for one of the other delights (a coconut and lemon cake and a brioche…both of which were spectacular).

So there we were…11am on a working Wednesday morning…the place was packed and only two cream doughnuts remained. I got my hands on one, managed to grab a seat and oh my good gracious george of glory…a crispy sticky sweet shell, a perfectly doughy doughnut inside and filled with jam and a lightly sweetened wonderfully creamed cream.
Need I say more?

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  1. he he...I just threatened to make brocolli salad for the kids this very night...as it turned out they said that they wanted that instead of the fetticini cabonara that I did serve up!
    2. Have you ever had Noelene's plum sauce? best ever, we used to have it on bbq'd sausages
    3. where is this doughnut place and what is it called? you can email me this, cause I may not check back to see if you have answered my question on your blog!