28 December 2011

So that was December

2011 is almost over.
I started this blog back in August.
I’ve had a few good moments of consistent writing.
Then I’d stop.
But I’d usually start back up again.
This month, however, I have been sufficiently useless and haven’t written a single thing.
Do I feel bad about this?
No, not really. 
It’s just that when I was busy I was really busy and didn’t have time to do such things.
And then when I haven’t been so busy, it has been quite nice to actually do nothing.

So here is a quick run-down on my life:
I went to my best friend's kitchen tea.
We ate this.
I made this.
We looked at this.
We went out for dinner and I ate this.
I ‘helped’ make cupcakes for the wedding.
Due to absolutely no skill of my own, they looked like this.
We had the wedding. I ate this.
I wore a purple (blue) dress.
I said a speech in which I called the grooms mother hideous.
They danced.
I jumped off a high pole.
I was attacked.
I saw some giant famous people.
I saw some not-so-giant famous people.
I ate an 8 course buffet lunch. 
Including this.
And this.
I made mozzarella and pesto stuffed schnitzel wrapped in bacon.
I made watercress aioli. 
Three times. 
1st attempt wasn’t worth capturing
2nd attempt is what you see on the right.
I made sushi.
I swung children around for no particular reason.
I made Christmas Day entrée.
I took a photo for no reason.
And then the next thing is to go camping.
Camping is something I do not particularly like.
But I can see the enjoyment in it.
So I am going.
That’s where my best friends will be.
And they have promised a good time.
I’m pretty sure I was promised good weather too.

Merry Christmas.
Seasons Greetings.
Happy New Year.