09 March 2012

How delightful

In the past few months I have lost all blogging desire and ambition.
I didn't care...there was never a feeling of guilt for my lack of writing.
I'm not a world-renowned genius of awesomeness.
No one has contacted me, begging for another post due to the incredible difference I have made to their life.

However, there is a part of me that has wanted to find the inspiration to start up again. Then, like a beautiful lightning bolt of edible joy, our free NZ Herald supplied me with a goal.
A 365 day journey of delicious.

On Wednesday March 7th, the Viva had a list of '50 foodie things to try before you die'. I would suggest that it is more a list of wonderful foodie things to try, if you can, while in Auckland (although some can be done outside of this here fine city). 
I think this is the inspiration I've been needing.

50 things in one year doesn’t sound too difficult really…but I would suggest there are actually more than 50 things on this list (eg. #10 – they give 3 different locations to eat doughnuts, and I don’t mean to be greedy, but I’m gonna try them all). Plus life gets busy and there will be times where weeks could pass without a single box getting ticked.

So what I need is this: Friends.
They/you will provide me with (not only exceptional company and remarkably intelligent conversation) accountability.
“Eaten at Sidart yet?”
“Made those profiteroles?”
“Smoked your own mussels?”
“So, wanna make me some saffron scented sorbet?”
These are all good things to say to me. These are all things which will keep me motivated.

And then at the end of it all I’ll write a book…
…which will be made into a movie…
…with Emma Stone playing ‘Jo’. 
It’ll be epic.
It’ll be fascinating.
But most of all…
It’ll be absolutely delightful.

Here’s the link to the list. I’ll work on my own version of it so that I can actually see how much I need to do and post that soon. If you would like to join me on one, two or fifty of these occasions then please do. Until the blockbuster is released my wallet won’t be able to pay for your side of the bill, but at least we can enrich each other’s lives in highly intellectual banter.

The year will start counting down from the moment I do whatever it is I decide the first thing on the list I want to do is. 


  1. Sounds like a great plan and I shall live enviously through your descriptive bloggings... and may try some myself. Have fun.

  2. Shot Jo. I think I'll just watch the movie rather than read all your blogs though... you know I hate reading! Jokes (well I'm not joking about hating reading, but for your blogs I will make an exception)!

  3. I am so in! For the ones I can afford anyway. Sounds wonderful. I especially like the part about Emma Stone playing the part of you - that really would be delightful.

  4. I'm in on the progressive dinner...come by my house fro pre-dinner nibbles...and you can be on dessert and make chocolate eclairs...that will cross off 2 things in 1 go!