22 March 2012

False(ish) Start

So I thought I was having a blinder of a start. I got myself kicked off one day earlier than first thought. On my way to a very muddy game of frizbee, I stopped by at the Honore’s house to gratefully accept their offer of figs. They have a fig tree in which they never pick from, as they aren’t sure what a ripe fig should actually be like.

Clearly, I am the bearer of all knowledge, specifically when it comes to figs.
And I definitely knew what I was looking for.
*I had zero idea what I was looking for, and at this very moment I am staring at the tree wondering how I was going to break the new that is was, in fact, fruitless.
This was until I realised that the figs on this tree were green, therefore camouflaged ridiculously well*

Anyway, I got me some figs. I don’t know if they’re ripe. And Hugo doesn’t want to touch them. But I’m sure when I cook them tomorrow night they’ll be, at least partially, edible.
Thanks R&J. You guys are sweet as.
“Sweet as what?”
Just sweet as.

Then, just one day later (which is today), I soldiered on and made my way to Farro where I bought:
The pancetta to be wrapped around the figs and;
The chicken liver/duck parfait to be spread on some crusty baguette. 

But that’s where it all came to an abrupt end. Despite the NZ Herald ‘list of foodie things to do’ including the Takapuna Beach Night Market (which is on “every Thursday until March 29th”), and checking on the website as to the exact details…when Mother and I turned up this here fine evening, we were greeted with a resounding nothing. After a bit of a drive around I eventually asked somewhere where the market was to which the response was, “it finished in November…I’ve actually heard a lot of people saying that they haven’t updated their website”.

Despite this clearly traumatic event, we decided to move on with our lives by digging into some greasy goodness at Sal’s New York Pizza. We shared a veggie slice, a cheese slice and a pepperoni pinwheel. It’s not quite up to actual NEW YORK pizza…but hey, it beats that b!@*$y Takapuna Beach Night Market.

So tomorrow I’ll be putting on a bit of a spread when me Aunty Chris comes round (surprise!?) and it will include the figs and the chicken parfait (please still come).
And then on Sunday I’ll be going to the Glenfield Night Market which will, not only be an incredibly enjoying evening with my good friend Hannah, but it will help me move on from ‘the incident’ (that is tonight).
Therefore, my list of things to do will have three ticks.
And that will make me happy.
Like that pizza.
And cute smiling babies who never cry. 

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