22 September 2011

One thing I don’t like…and many things I love

All I am going to say about this ‘thing I don’t like’ is: Oxfam – you need to have less annoying people working for you.

So on to better and more lovely things in life. Here is a quick/short list of things I love:
The sun
People singing out loud to their iPod while walking their dog in the sun/warmth
My friends
My family
My new found appreciation of PB&J
Cute children saying cute things
My new txt-language word GOL (Giggle Out Loud)
The addition of chocolate to main meals
The fact that my only legitimate blog follower (besides my mother) is getting married in 10 weeks and 2 days
The All Blacks
The Irish
Laughing at awkward moments

That’s all for now.
Off to meet the old sister for a bit of dinner (at a restaurant/bar that may not exist…should be interesting).

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