06 September 2011

If you can’t decide, make them both. And other news.

So the other night I had more chicken than I needed. But I also have more recipes than I’ll ever need. So I figured I might as well use all the meat and do two recipes. Yes, that does mean two dinners. But I love dinner, so why not?

Did the meals work well together? No.
Did the meals taste good? Yes.
Would my execution of the dish be Master Chef worthy? No.
Would my execution of the dish be relatively humorous? Yes.
Would everyone like eating two completely dinners on the same plate? No.
Would my mother like them? Yes.

So what was for dinner?

                                Chicken and Pasta with Tomato       Creamy Chicken and
                                            & Basil Pesto                             Spinach Curry

And in other [BREAKING] news, the Takapuna Beach Front Gelato Palour (not its official name) has done something spectacular…they have made what was the best gelato around, even better. They have gone from charging $4.50 for a one flavour one scoop (which was always their incredible lemon curd and yoghurt) to charging $4.50 for a two flavour one scoop (which allows the remarkably delicious licorice to be included).

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