12 September 2011

No comment. And that was off the record.

Last Friday was the beginning of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in little ol’ New Zealand. As a volunteer I had to be at Eden Park by 2:45pm (5 1/2 hours prior to Opening Ceremony), but due to circumstances in which I have absolutely no opinion (and if asked my reply would be a resounding "no comment", followed by an "that was off the record" just in case) I did not make it until 3:20pm.

The next 7 hours then looked a little something like this:
·         Nothing to do.
·         Get told to do something.
·         Get told I do not need to do that said something.
·         Go for a wander around the stadium.
·         Still nothing to do.
·         Start going for another wander.
·         Get given a job in which I must escort people to different parts of the stadium (despite the fact that I don't know where anything is and I am very much stereotypical-woman in my map reading abilities).
·         Get given a radio because I'm very talented at pretending to know what I am doing, and I must be contactable at all times.
·         Act very much like secret service due to my earpiece constantly falling out so the only way to listen in is to have hand by ear and walk briskly.
·         Am given code name.
·         Forget my code name.
·         Eat dinner whilst listening to the voices in my head say things such as, "there is a bin on fire".
·         Remove radio.
·         Walk around park; sit in poncy seats with tables and watch opening ceremony.
·         Get asked questions from the public like, "where are the nearest toilets?"...*scan surrounding area quickly*..."just over there ma'am" [excellent knowledge of park amenities].
·         Watch game from various vantage points around stadium.
·         Referee blows whistle for full time.
·         Run to the train (bearing in mind that I do not run...I tend to walk...for beautiful) and get on the first one [*hi five* thank you].
·         Walk through a trashed downtown Auckland (trash being a literal word) and get to Victoria Park.
·         All buses are full.
·         Mother comes and collects me.
·         Cheers.

Just 5 1/2 weeks to go.

More photo's will be available on Facebook at some time in the forseeable future

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