17 September 2011

Once upon a time...I went to Paris

This blog is called food travel life, yet so far I have sufficiently avoided the travel section. This is all about to change with a look back in time...a time when I went to Paris (*say it in French accent to reinforce its coolness*).

As an Au Pair to a wonderful family in the USA I got to experience a lot of amazing things. And when the question "would you like to come to Paris with us" was posed to me, my un-hesitated, yet slightly shocked response was, "yes please". And then on November 24, 2009 I left Washington, DC for a Thanksgiving vacation of a life time (especially due to the fact that this was in fact, the first Thanksgiving of my lifetime).

Now, I don't mean to gloat...but THIS is where we stayed.
It really is as amazing as you are thinking it must have been.
And my days looked a little something like this:

Wake up in my room
Go for a wander
Breakfast delivered to my room
Go out with the fam
We stroll
We experience
We see
We eat
We eat again

We see just a little bit more
And then we go back ‘home’ and have amazing chefs prepare us dinner or we go out and eat souffl├ęs for both dinner and dessert.

So yea. That was cool.

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