27 May 2013

What are ten good reasons why you should move back to NZ?

#1. My beautiful family are there. 
#2. Some amazingly fabulous friends are there.
#3. A wonderful church known as Birkenhead Community Church is there.
#4. It’s pretty.
#5. I like it.
#6. You can say, “There are six pens on the deck” with no confusion.
#7. Mocking Australians works much better.
#8. little & friday
#9. You can fill your puku with kumara cooked by your Whānau
#10. It’s home.

Typical NZ

Question #8 was courtesy of Leodenelle Mathieson


  1. What is a new dessert recipe I can try that wont cost too much money in random new ingredients and that Paul will like too...ie. something with chocolate...and not with fruit

    1. I'm looking forward to the answer to that question.