16 May 2013

Three Good Things

#1. An unexpected sleep in when I fell asleep whilst in the process of setting my alarm the night before. 

#2. Needing a packet of Digestive biscuits. 
Finding them on special. 
And nabbing he last one. 

#3. And most importantly...my beautiful friend heads to Botswana today to work with kids for almost 6 months. 
Search 'Niki's Botswana Mission Trip' on Facebook if you want to find out a bit more (sorry I can't post link when doing this on my phone).
We (collectively, as a reader of this blog) love and appreciate you Niki! 
Stay safe. 
Stay strong. 
And stay cool.

Three good things.

1 comment:

  1. I just saw this :) thanks Jojo! Been catching up on your blogs and having a good giggle. loveyoux