14 May 2012

Time is Money…unless you’re not getting paid

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I decided I would make a special dinner for my mother dear.
When my sister, my mum and I got home from lunch (post flat car battery)  I said to the sister, “right, well I better get started”, to which she responded, “but it’s only two o’clock...and I want to play logos (an exceptionally brilliant app/game)”…I told her there was no time for such things….so she fell asleep.

I then spent the next seven hours prepping and cooking/baking + partaking in the eating.

This is what we had…

                 Potato and Kumara chips with onion dip                      Calamari                           

Fruit and nut stuffed roast chicken with garlic butter green beans

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Slice

On another note...I’m taking ages to get through my list. Ie. I haven’t done anything for a good few weeks. Who wants to motivate me and come out to dinner/lunch/breakfast with me?

Cool thanks. 

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