27 August 2013

I need YOUR help

It's been a long time between innings for this blog...but I am very much hoping it'll be the beginning of many as I'm soon going to be heading off on a few travels. 
The point of this post?
Just as the title suggests...help! Or in other words, give me all/every idea your brain obtains. 

I borrowed all the books for the library...
...but they aren't overly thrilling.

So here is a list of places I am hoping to get to during my time away...if you know people there who want to hang out with a kiwilas, and/or you know of things to do/eat/explore etc, then please let me know. 
I'll talk about your awesomeness in the blog post I write about it. So, clearly, it's absolutely worth your time.

Thanks in advance y'all...
Port Macquarie (or somewhere a little further up he coast)
Gold Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine Coast
[               ] (somewhere between Tamworth and Melbourne)

New Orleans 
New York 
Rhode Island 
Washington, D.C.

Annddd GO

1 comment:

  1. We went to Fraser Island (Gold or sunshine coast) on our honeymoon 10 years ago, very cool. Huge island all sand, hire a 4wd and drive up the beach in it, beautiful clear water and white as sand, and rnadom big fences to stop the dingos getting into the picnic areas! And you cant swim at the ocean side cause of sharks, but you can swim in the middle of the island in the lakes or something instead. Reccomended
    New Orlenes just has to be done...althgouth havent been there since Katrina went there
    NY, ESPN Zone!
    Orlando, Disney World and Osbos! that's all i have got for you today :)