28 April 2013

The end of bloglessness...the beginning of blogoverkill

So I just had a quick squiz at my blog.
And I saw that I haven't done a single post in over 1/3 of a year.
Which really is quite terrible.
Not for any of you.
This has probably been the best 1/3 year of your life. No constant Facebook updates and/or emails telling you to read something you don't care about.

But I'm going to change all that.
From April 29th 2013 I'm going to AIM to write a daily blog about SOMETHING.
It could be an event from the day.
It could be a recipe.
It could be an interesting fact.
It could be a memory.
It could be a joke.
It could be a note of thankfulness.
It could be ANYTHING.

So get ready world.
This blog is about to get all crazy up in here.


  1. Yay, Jo's back! I look forward to a happier month with your daily blurbs.

  2. yay! I have been waiting all my life for this