24 August 2012

These are a few of my favourite things…

I’m in Australia…and here are a few of the things which have made me smile:

1. News that my first day was the coldest in 4 years.
3. Masterchef omnibus.
2. Having a guy from my building walk with me on my first day to show me where the closest store was (since then I have realised there are stores much closer) because my apartment didn't have toilet paper...and I needed toilet paper.
4. The Ukrainian pensioner who walked with me in the rain telling me about St Kilda and what trams to catch to get to the city (where young people like me go).
5. Being surrounded by Aussie accents. All the time. It’s like a constant hilarious dream.
6. The fact that almost every time I drive somewhere (which is a fair amount) I’m against the traffic.
7. Having to give way to trams.
8. The food (blog on this will come).
9. Listening to newsreaders say NZ city names...“Waa-ka-tay-nay” (Whakatane)
10. Buying groceries at any of the numerous markets.
11. The ‘if we charge you the wrong price you get it free’ policy at Coles.
12. Being misunderstood all the time…I say ‘admin’, they hear ‘Edmond’
13. Ads…
On the telly - "like all good Aussie men, I like my toilet time"
On the radio – said by male: “down down…prices are down at Coles…including super tampons” 
The radio. It’s actually amazing. I’m by myself a fair amount…yet I laugh out loud on a frequent basis. It’s awesome…they are truly funny and are brilliant at mocking kiwis…
“I was moving house and one of the guys was a Mar-ree (Maori) called Terry, but he said it like Tiri.
‘Hey Tiri, why don’t ya grab ya chilly bin and jandals and get working’”

15. Increasing the Paul Henry fan club...
Kath: "would you buy one of these $10 airfares?"
Paul: "no"
Kath: "why not?"
Paul: "because I'd be sitting next to people who buy flights for $10...and I want to sit next to nice people".

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