16 June 2012

The Picnic, The Fish and The Dentist

Remember during Queens Birthday weekend how I ticked a whole bunch of things off my list, and you were amazed? Yea that was fun ay.
Anyway, I wrote that before the weekend was through, and I wasn't quite finished.

On a classically temperamental Auckland day, I was hoping the sun would give us it's love for long enough to enjoy a 'picnic in winter at the Auckland Domain'. The food of choice was Wisconsin Burger...but sometimes what you want doesn't matter, as for some peculiar reason they thought giving their staff the day off on a public holiday was appropriate.

So while Sarah had a mini breakdown, Naomi, Christie and I went about deciding what to do. We ended up grabbing cabinet food from the Coffee Club...let's just say, I'm glad the company was fabulous.
There we were...sitting on a blanket...eating food...at the Auckland Domain...in the winter. Tick.

And then just the other night, I convinced my mother and sister to join me for Thursday Night Live at the Auckland Fish Market. For $15.99 you can get a specified meal and glass of the house wine + live entertainment. Katie and I got that special and were very happy with our decision...I forgot to take note of what exactly it was, but I'm gonna call it delicious salmon on delicious spaghetti with delicious stuff.

Mum asked whether we thought she should get the entree or main size. After some consultation, Katie and I concluded that a main was indeed the best decision. And as that giant mound of salt & pepper squid arrived at the table, our hearts were aflutter at the realization that mother would need our support in the act of ensuring-food-is-not-wasted.

We then partook in a slice of dessert. And by slice I mean epic plate of yum.
The picture says all that needs to be said…but just in case you’re interested…it is:
Banana fritters + ice cream.
Warm chocolate brownie + ice cream.
Chocolate sauce.
Kit Kats.

Just before you go, I would like for you to imagine this scenario...remembering it is 100% hypothetical and absolutely did not happen to me.
You're at the dentist.
They inject your face with numbing liquid.
A tooth gets filled.
All is well.
The dentist hands you a cup of water to rinse out your mouth.
He tells you to take care as the numb part of your face won't be able to control the usual water-holding mechanism which comes naturally.
This amuses you as you can’t quite believe what he’s saying.
It then amuses you much much more as you realize he was so right as water flows from what you believed to be well sealed lips.
However, your head is placed square over the sink so there is nothing to fear.
Except increasing amusement.
And as the humour of the whole situation overcomes you…
…you drop the cup.
Water water everywhere.

I can’t believe you did that. What a crazy.

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