20 November 2011

Miniature Sweet Delight

For quite some time now I've been wanting to experiment with a mini lemon meringue dessert. I think I must have seen something similar on Master Chef and decided it looked wonderfully simple.

So what better chance to test it out than on 35 guests at my aunty and uncles 40th wedding anniversary. With Chinese spoons at the ready, all I needed was lemon honey, meringue and fire.

The lemon honey recipe was simple enough (courtesy of ‘Ladies, a plate’) …

4 lemons, finely grated rind and juice
340g caster sugar
170g butter
4 eggs, well beaten

1.       Combine the lemon rind and juice, caster sugar and butter in the top of a double boiler with the water simmering underneath.
2.       Stir until the butter melts and the sugar dissolves.
3.       Pour a little of the hot liquid in with the beaten eggs, stirring constantly.
4.       Pour the egg mixture in with the rest of the hot liquid in the double boiler.
5.       Stir over the simmering water until the mixture thickens (original recipe said 5-6 minutes but I was using quite a small double boiler and it took about 15-20 minutes). Do not let it boil.
6.       Pour the lemon honey through a sieve to ensure there are no lumps and allow to cool (it will thicken further).
      [This makes quite a lot, so if you aren't catering for many it can easily be halved. Although, I'm not sure having too much lemon honey is going to be a problem]

I sharn’t be passing on any meringue recipes because it’s just meringue. Whip it up till stiff and glossy and you’ll be sorted.

Then place a teaspoonful of the lemon honey onto each spoon, top it with a generous swirl of the meringue, and just before serving blast it (gently) with a torch (the same one used for crème brûlées).

The result is a simple, tasty and classy miniature sweet delight. Doooo it.

Oh, and also…while you’re here…
As I said in my previous blog, I did jump out of a plane.
And it was awesome. 

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